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Sacmi: Success Story




Industry: Machines for Ceramics, Packaging, Food, and Automation                                                 Headquarters: Imola (Bologna), Italy               Employees: 4.200


  • More detailed cost estimates
  • Higher reliability of estimates
  • More effective negotiations
SACMI Imola is an international manufacturer of machines and complete plants for Ceramics, Packaging (including Beverage and Closures&Containers), Food industries, and Automation. Thanks to the innovative technologies, the strong position on the world market, and the continuous research of high-quality standards for customers, SACMI Imola, located in Italy, has become a worldwide leader with more than 80 branches, 27 production plants, and 4200 employees.

The company needs

Fifteen years ago, the increasing outsourcing and the great product range led the company to set up a dedicated team to the machines industrialization. Today the industrialization team, that was born for conducting estimates analysis for the whole Group, consists of 6 engineers with strong skills in cost estimations. Before using LeanCOST, the product cost estimation process was complex and time-consuming since it was carried out by spreadsheets or customized systems. Hence, the company was looking for a software tool that would increase the productivity of the industrialization team, by improving timing and consistency of the stored data, and, finally, that would expand the product cost estimation to the other worldwide company business and branches. Even other business areas wanted to achieve high performances by deploying a tool that would support simulation, analysis, and cost optimization:

  • in the design phase: the technical department had the need to evaluate costs, before prototyping and pre-series production, by reducing time-to-market and preventing from dangerous risks with high impact on general costs such as expensive revisions or delays in a new machine release.
  • in the procurement phase: the purchasing department should be able to quickly simulate the cost variation by considering precise data to make the negotiation with suppliers easier and to build an added-value relationship.

The benefits

The high SACMI competencies on all manufacturing technologies (for instance turning, milling, drilling, grinding, cutting, carpentry, thermal treatments, and coatings) led Hyperlean to perform optimized LeanCOST cost models by defining new ones dedicated to specific company needs and enriching the existing machines, materials, and parameters databases. LeanCOST has been successfully introduced in the industrialization department that today can automatically calculate the cost from a 3D CAD model both of single components and assemblies, by providing details reports on time and costs with the whole working cycle. This activity pushed up and formalized the company know-how thanks to a new standard and analytical approach. The dedicated interfaces created for technical department enable designers to evaluate, from the earliest design phases, the impact of changes in total cost, and to analyze alternative solutions in real time. In the procurement phase, LeanCOST allows having a high visibility on the cost components and quickly comparing the estimates of suppliers based on updated and objective parameters. Thanks to the possibility to share detailed and reliable information that support informed cost decisions, some of the SACMI Group’s strategic suppliers are adopting the software to have a more constructive dialogue with their customers and to understand any gaps between supply and demand. Finally, LeanCOST can easily be connected with enterprise systems (PLM and ERP): this connection allows different people managing manufacturing costs to look up the update data increasing the knowledge assets of the whole company. The Sacmi Group achieved relevant benefits:

  • Analytical quotes with accuracy ± 15% (automatic estimation)
  • Reduction on time estimation – 50% (compared to the use of standard estimation tools)
  • Doubled capacity to estimate
  • Higher reliability of estimates
  • More fact-based negotiation with suppliers
  • Greater speed in recovering the cost data by integrating LeanCOST with enterprise ERP and PLM systems

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