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Loccioni Group: Success Story

Loccioni Group Success Story



Industry: Automating and quality control solutions Headquarters: Angeli di Rosora (Ancona), Italy
Employees: 350


  • Awareness of designers towards the cost issue
  • Standardization of enterprise cost methods
  • More fact-based negotiation

The Loccioni Group designs and develops measurement and control automatic systems to improve the quality and efficiency of products and processes in different business areas including energy, environment, industry, healthcare, mobility, transport, aerospace. The company tailors each project to the customer, integrating the best skills and technologies and building long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

The company needs

Due to recent growth, the Loccioni Group has a need to increase the amount of managed annual codes and to strengthen the number of suppliers for metal cutting and carpentry. They must do this while also reducing costs and time associated with the phases of design, supply, assembly, and distribution. To meet deadlines and cost targets and provide customers with the required solution, the company must address and optimize the output costs of the entire commissioned project beginning with the earliest design phases. Design engineers should develop awareness about product cost to meet specific cost targets as part of the product design and engineering process and increase their knowledge about manufacturing processes, costs and feasibility issues. Even during the negotiation phase with the supplier network, there is the need to implement a tool that would simplify tradeoff analysis of sourcing scenarios.

“Thanks to LeanCOST, it is no longer necessary to complete the analysis to get a detailed cost estimate. Nowadays it is possible to get a realistic analysis of the project’s final cost from the earliest stages of design” Operations Manager – Loccioni Group

The benefits

Today LeanCOST, installed in several workstations, is an important tool to support the day-to-day operations of designing and sourcing departments. By opening any CAD file as an input to the costing process, all users can calculate detailed cost estimates and develop a cost-conscious culture, improving profitability and offering more value to customers. The Loccioni Group achieved important benefits:

  • Designer awareness of the cost issue with application of Design to Cost principles
  • Increased knowledge on manufacturing technologies
  • Real-time and fast evaluation of the cost implications of product changes
  • Standardization of enterprise cost methods
  • More fact-based negotiation with suppliers around the price of purchased parts

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