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Omme Gears: Success Story

Omme gears

How OMME GEARS improved competitiveness with LeanCOST


Industry: gears/cogs design and production
Headquarters: Falconara (AN), Italy
Employees: 20


  • Standardization of the cost evaluation procedures
  • Full information sharing between technical and sales departments
  • Increase of orders with a constant status monitoring
  • Compliance with deadlines already preset with customers


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Located in the Marche Region (Italy), OMME GEARS is a small enterprise specialized in precision mechanics. In particular, its core business focuses on gears/cogs design and manufacturing.

The company needs

The design and the manufacturing of products with a high level of precision and complexity require extremely accurate estimates, especially in orders with a low batch quantity. This is why estimation has always been a strategic activity for a company such as OMME GEARS.
The company had to manage in an easier and faster way the product cost estimation process usually characterized by low accuracy and many errors; this was a very delicate issue because unreliable or inaccurate estimation may really threaten the business, especially during the crisis, due to a reduction of the company’s margin and a decrease in profits.
To keep and sustain its competitive advantage, OMME GEARS required a tool enabling to meet customers’ requirements and support the offers generation process.

The benefits

LeanCOST today is the required support tool for simulating manufacturing processes, calculating operations time of a work cycle, making comparisons between many production scenarios, and generating offers in a fast and easy way.
Compared to the past, OMME GEARS can now send to its customers’ more accurate and detailed offers in favor of expertise and competitiveness.
The opportunity to benefit from a company platform with dedicated interfaces designed for technical and sales departments allows an easy and fluent information exchange.
The result is a detailed technical estimate to be delivered to customers and automatically generated.

In terms of benefits, we can definitely say that LeanCOST has introduced a new standard method fot product cost estimation. Before LeanCOST, the same mechanical processes were not considered in such an objective and reliable way. Today the estimation of manufacturing costs is really fast and easy!

After a systematic use, these are the excellent results obtained with LeanCOST:

  • Reduction of time spent in product cost estimation thanks to a better prediction of cycle times (50%)
  • Higher reliability and standardization of estimates sent to customers
  • Increase of orders number thanks to the higher competitive level (20%)

Overall, today LeanCOST allows uncertainty to be reduced, to speed up internal processes, and to make bigger profits.

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