LeanCOST Educational is the version of LeanCOST for teaching purposes. It is used by students and teachers of Universities, Secondary Schools, Research Centers and Training Centers and it is a valid support for students who want to deepen their studies. It provides a more complete education and it is designed to prepare students for their chosen career.

Some of the courses interested in using the software are:










    Technical drawing










    Mechanical process technology










    Mechanical and industrial engineering

The Educational version is a teaching license and it can only be used for purposes directly related to training, teaching, research and development.

The software cannot be used for commercial, professional or for any other for-profit purposes.



An innovative tool to support teachers to show with practical examples the subjects explained during the lesson.


With LeanCOST Educational students learn how to use a software that is spreading out amongst the most important international manufacturing companies.

This allows today's students to take up a career thanks to tools and skills that will help them become the engineers of the future.



LeanCOST is a highly innovative software system able to support the preventive rectification of products and industrial processes with an analytical approach.

This system allows in a quickly and semi-automatically way to accurately estimate the cost of a mechanical and mechatronic product and to simulate different design and production solutions, considering production times and costs.

Immediate cost estimation on the 3D model

LeanCOST reads any 3D model and determines a complete and detailed quotation in the easiest and quickest way. The dedicated user interface drives you through the main steps.

Cost evaluation according to different technologies and their combination

LeanCOST allows to choose the adopted technologies to be used in product/system cost calculation. It allows to compare different cases in order to select the cheapest strategy on the basis of quantity, machine availability and technological feasibility.

High level of detail for any cost item

During the industrialization phase you can deepen in detail all the cost contributions. You can easily control any geometrical and technological parameter of each single operation, even the machine feed rate or the ancillary costs.


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