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Bonus Training 4.0

The 4.0 industry is one of the challenges that Italian Companies have to deal with in order to be competitive in the global market, but Digital transformation is also a great opportunity that our companies must be able to pick up.

New funding for SMEs investing in staff training should be arriving by June 2018.
The ministerial decree, implementing the Bonus Training 4.0 , is about to be applied; that will aim to support the acquisition of competences on the Technologies 4.0 applied in informatics and communication Technologies, techniques and technologies of production, sales and marketing from of the employees of Italian companies.
A tax credit of 40% of the eligible expenditure incurred in the year 2018 and the maximum limit of EUR 300,000 for each recipient undertaking is expected.
Companies which have not made investments in tangible assets on which the depreciation or the depreciation apply may also be accessed from the tax credit.

Enjoy this bonus to introduce a new preventive methodology that makes the process more fluid and efficient thanks to our training and consultancy services on the management of costs in the company.