Don’t miss LeanCOST 9.0: the latest release is available now

LeanCOST 9 is released with wonderful new improvements and features that will delivery to all our costumers’ faster performance and better productivity.


The new LeanCOST 9 graphic interface has been completely redesigned to minimize user clicks.

Thanks to the ribbon bar and the new icons that make commands recognition easier, you can now get your analysis in a quicker and more intuitively way by reducing the loading time, especially for assemblies with a large number of parts.


Now you can monitor the correct execution of the analysis being alerted for any errors in order to correct them and get the right analysis. The developed panel shows you any mistakes in process recognition or processes calculation.

In addition, you can also automatically identify the cost of each feature with its percentage incidence to understand the impact of each manufacturing processes on the product final cost.


We have optimized the report generated by LeanCOST according to your requests. Now the user can generate a new Excel report with 9 different sheets with all the analysis information: general information on cost and time summary, raw materials, commercial components, cost centers, details on operations, economic batch, and model parameters.
Moreover, you can customize the new report by defining additional custom sheets with specific information based on your workflow.

You will find in PDF report also additional features to make it smarter.


You wanted database of foreign countries to create multiple analysis between different manufacturing scenarios and we are delivering. Now LeanCOST has new database with raw materials and cost centers for India, Poland, and China. 

What will happen to the cost if we move the manufacturing of our products from Italy to India? Which is the economic batch quantity that guarantees the convenience on manufacturing in China rather than in Poland? Finally, LeanCOST will answer these questions in real time enabling users to quickly understand the cost consequences of their sourcing decisions.


In addition to raw materials, operations, accessories, and set-ups costs, today you will find investment costs as another output of your analysis. With this new LeanCOST feature, which allows you to manage investment costs associated with the production of the component, the user can add an investment as a custom operation to consider special molds and equipment.

Now with LeanCOST you will get a complete estimation of the component manufacturing cost by considering not only the technological processes, but also all the other costs associated with them.


We have completed our dedicated solution to the world of injection moulding with the release of the new module for mould.

Now you can get a complete analysis from the final geometry of the component with the injection process by estimating times and costs of the process and getting indications on mould making cost.


A new powerful geometric recognition engine with higher speed: this is what you will find in the latest release LeanCOST 9! The new features allow you to extract tangential milling as a "T" slots, the subdivision of cutouts with different accessibility, and to improve accuracy in calculating the milling path.


Thanks to the many collaborations with the most important manufacturing companies and the growing number of LeanCOST users, we have expanded the range of cost models for some technologies, including plasma and fiber laser cutting. Beside this, we have optimized cost models for grinding, plastic injection molding and aluminum die-casting processes.


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