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LeanCOST 4.4

LeanCOST 4.4 release: new functionalities

LeanCOST 4.4 has new advanced functionalities to support you in easy and fast cost estimation.
– Automatic recognition of welds through the contact surface analysis for assembly cost estimation.
– New algorithm for analysis and automatic costing of assembly components.
– Automatic recognition of threaded holes from the 3D STEP file. It is specific for every CAD systems.
– Comparative cost simulations according to different materials. Real time updating of process velocities and final cost according to the selected material.
– More powerful STEP file processing for multibody models.
Evidence of cost criticalities (e.g. assembly components which do not respect e certain value)
– Automatic recognition of drawn flat, drawn squares, round tubes, square and rectangular tubes, and beams with L, H, U and hexagonal section.
– New graphics and “wireframe” view available to navigate your model in a more accurate way.

For information about the new LeanCOST 4.4 functionalities, please contact us.

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