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LeanCOST 5.1 new release

New features in LeanCOST release 5.1: even easier and more powerful!

The new LeanCOST release 5.1 provides a more intuitive and easy to use graphical interface and new functionalities improving the performances of LeanCOST.
– Strategic Market Control: it allows different manufacturing and purchasing markets to be quickly modelled for the same product model and to be compared on the basis of cost variation. It considers the main market characteristics (raw material costs, storage cost, etc.)
– Improved geometrical feature recognition, also for complex items (e.g. automatic welding recognition)
– Multiple selection of recognized geometric features starting form the CAD model
– Customization of the rules and strategies for cost estimation to immediately compare different manufacturing processes
– Clear separation between raw materials and geometrical recognition: it slows geometrical recognition algorithms to be applied also to undefined geometries (e.g. semi-processed items)
– New options for assembly cost estimation: new algorithms for automatic cost estimation of assemblies in order to optimize the simulation time in relation to the assembly complexity

Cost estimation using LeanCOST is now more powerful, and it better fits the modern company needs on the worldwide markets.

For information about the new functionalities, please contact us.

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