Our Clients - Hyperlean

Machines and Plants for Ceramics, Packaging, Food, and Automation industries

Laser systems and sheet metal processing machinery

Manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products

Fitness equipment

Automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea and coffee

Machinery for cigarette making and packing

Packaging machinery for confectionery, soap, tea, coffee and liquid products

Automatic packaging machines for flexible packaging

Plants and lines for pasta factories

Complete packaging systems

Machinery for the processing and packaging of tissue paper

Inspection machines for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Inspection machines for injectable pharmaceutical products

Packaging machines for stretch film, boxes erector and taping machines

Systems for tube machining, special profiles and bars

Machine tools

Manufacturing machines to process natural stone and metals

Machinery for disposable hygienic products

Automation solutions for high-precision manufacturing processes

Automatic measurement and control systems

Finishing, Medical Equipment, Plant Solutions, Shopfitting, C-LED

Aerospace, Defence and Security

Design and production of advanced engineering systems and mechatronic solutions

Packaging, processing solutions, and filling machines

Medical equipment production

Packaging machinery for consumer goods

Flowpack packaging systems

Machines for secondary packaging

Advanced Ergonomic Solutions

Automated systems for the ceramic industry

Complete lines and machine units for the production of corrugated board packaging

Engineering & equipment for battery manufacturing

Automatic machines and complex subassemblies

Machines and solutions for cutting and processing of aluminium and PVC profiles

Machines for processing aluminium, PVC and light alloys

Machines for PVC windows

Building machines and precision mechanical components

Automatic machines for reinforcement processing

Solutions for winemaking process

Structural bearings, anti-seismic devices, expansion joints, fittings for tunnels

Robotic systems and complete lines for the food industry

Products, equipment and system solutions for filtration & separation and water technology

Product that control movements of fluids

Cash handling devices

Agricultural equipment

Cabin construction for industrial and agricultural machinery


Agricultural Machinery



Aereal platforms

Advanced metal constructions

Equipment for the ground engineering industry

Systems four coupling, towing, and lifting for tractors

Rollers, drums, motorized pulleys

Buckets, arms, bodies, tanks and chassis for machinery

Groups and components for aerospace field

Solutions for Aircraft Actuation & Flight Control Systems

Automatic product lines and special machinery for the automotive industry

Hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector

Diesel engines for marine industry

Including drilling, subsea and offshore, onshore, LNG, distributed gas, pipeline and storage, refinery and petrochemical

Components for industrial automation

Electric panel


Ball valves

Components and automatic machines

Steel components

Gears and special transmission organs

Precision mechanical machining

Special machines, prototypes, parts of complex systems and precision metalworking



Steel and aluminum components

Advanced Metalworking

Sub-supplier of medium-heavy metalwork

Precision mechanical machining and metalworking

Precision mechanical machining

Sheet metal processing

Mechanical precision parts for machines

Components for the motor industry

Fire doors and metal fittings for shipbuilding and offshore platforms

Recirculating ballscrews, balls, roller berarings, electromechanical actuators

Molds and injection moulding

Components for aeronautical and industrial applications

Cycloidal reducers and gears

Metalworking for third parties



Hydraulic components for industrial vehicles braking

Precision mechanical machining

Precision mechanical machining

Design cooker



Mechanical machining

Mechanical machining and carpentry

Mechanical machining

Printed sheet metal and medium-light carpentry

Mechanical machining for third parties

Precision mechanical machining for third parties