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Sacmi is an international group manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Packaging (including Beverage and Closures&Containers) and Food industries – markets in which it is a recognized worldwide leader. Its strength lies in the application of innovative technology, the outstanding position of the Group on international markets and its commitment to R&D and providing customers with top-flight quality and service.

Prima Industrie


Prima Industrie heads a leading Group in developing, manufacturing and selling laser systems for industrial applications, sheet metal processing machinery, and industrial electronics and laser sources. With over 35 years of experience, the Group has installed about 12,000 machines in more than 70 countries worldwide and is among the leading worldwide manufacturers in its market. The Group employs over 1,500 people and has manufacturing sites in Italy, Finland, China, and US as well as a worldwide commercial and after-sales presence.



Ferrero is one of the largest confectionery groups in the world. High quality, crafted precision, product freshness, careful selection of the finest raw materials: these are the values which have helped make its confectionery well-known and loved by millions of consumers all over the world. The goal of Ferrero has always been to create unique products through innovative processes, a strong commitment to research and production, with internally developed technologies.



Technogym is a world leader in the design of fitness equipment for private homes, fitness clubs, hotels, spas, rehabilitation centers, corporate gyms, universities, professional sports facilities and beyond. Technogym is today a leading company in the Wellness and Fitness field with over 2,200 employees, 14 branches in Europe, U.S., Asia, Middle East and Australia. More than 65,000 Wellness centers are equipped with Technogym and 100,000 private homes all over the world.

Fabio Perini


Fabio Perini Spa is a leader in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery for the processing and packaging of tissue paper. Founded in 1966, Fabio Perini has become a multinational company, part of the German Group Körber, thanks to a cutting-edge Research&Development department, several patents, and the introduction of innovative technologies.



G.D is the leading supplier of high-technology machinery for cigarette making and packing, filter production, other tobacco products, and special products. Thanks to its extensive range of machines available, G.D is the only manufacturer of complete high-speed lines and of a wide range of solutions for the tobacco industry.

Danieli & C.Officine Meccaniche


Danieli is one of the largest suppliers of equipment and plants to the metal industry in the world. The Group designs and installs plants and machines for the metallurgic industry with technologies and products covering the whole production cycle from ores to a wide range of finished iron or steel products.

Aetna Group – Robopac Sistemi


Aetna Group, is the world leader in the packaging sector, specialized in end-line solutions. It boasts approximately 700 employees, 8 subsidiaries (France, UK, Germany, USA, Russia, China, Spain and Brazil) and 5 production facilities in the Packaging Valley in Italy, 1 in Brazil, and 1 in the USA. It operates in more than 120 countries and provides global customer service. Specifically, Group production ranges from semi-automatic wrapping machines with smart technology to innovative automatic solutions, from industrial wrapping machines to shrink wrapping machines and cartooning machines, to tailor-made packaging solutions.

BLM Group


BLM GROUP sets itself up as a global partner for the whole tube processing, from laser cutting to cold saw, bending, end-forming, measurement, with a worldwide presence. This wide range of solutions is manufactured in dedicated production sites, with highest expertise and skill levels, established in more than 50 years work and experience in the tube processing technology, with thousands of applications all over the world. The leading company, BLM SpA, is specialized in the production of CNC-bending machines, end-forming machines, measurement systems and related automation and handling systems.

Maschio Gaspardo


Maschio Gaspardo is an international Group and a leader in the production of agricultural equipment for tillage, seeding, crop care, green maintenance, and hay making. The Group produces a wide range of rotary tillers, power harrows, mulchers, precision planters, cereal seed drills, combination cultivator-drills, flail-mowers, ploughs, minimum tillage, spraying ,and hay making equipment. The Company has 10 production plants, 7 in Italy and 3 abroad in Romania, India and China. Moreover, Maschio Gaspardo has 12 sales branches worldwide.



SDF is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tractors, harvesting machines, engines and agricultural machines. It distributes products through the SAME DEUTZ-FAHR, Lamborghini Trattori, Hürlimann, Grégoire and Lamborghini Green Pro brands.



Cimolai is a major steel manufacturer in Italy and abroad highly specialized in manufacturing bridges and viaducts, industrial and civil buildings, military infrastructures, normal and special plate girders for the off-shores and ship building industries, stainless steel bulkheads for chemical tankers polygonal and cylindrical poles for telecommunication and power lines, pipes of great diameter and wall thickness and ship hulls.

Mikron Group


The Mikron Group develops and sells manufacturing and automation solutions for high-precision manufacturing processes. The Group, which is anchored in the Swiss innovation culture, is a worldwide active, leading partner of companies in the following industries: medical and pharmaceutical devices, consumer products, writing instruments and watchmaking.



The Loccioni Group designing measurement systems, control, and automation, to improve the quality and efficiency of products and processes in different business areas Energy, Environment, Industry, Humancare, Mobility, Transport, Aerospace.



Established in 1932 as a company specialized in electrical, heating and plumbing systems, nowadays Cefla is present all over the world with its sales offices and manufacturing sites. The Group employs more than 1600 people and it is composed by 4 business units, such that: – Civil and industrial technological systems (Impianti Group) – Shop fittings solutions for modern distribution (Arredamenti Group) – Finishing and drying systems for wooden products (Finishing group) – Dental equipment production (Dental Group)

Tetra Pak


Tetra Pak® is the world leader company in food packaging and processing, distributing 100 billion packages each year in more than 150 markets. The multinational company offers packaging solutions, filling machines and processing solutions, focusing on five food categories: dairy, beverages, cheese, ice creams, and prepared food.

Magneti Marelli


Magneti Marelli is an international company founded in Italy in 1919, committed to the design and production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector. Magneti Marelli supplies all the leading car makers in Europe, North and South America, and Asia and the aims are at combining quality and competitive offer, technology, and versatility, with the goal of making key technologies available to the final user at a competitive price. Through a process of constant innovation, Magneti Marelli aims at optimising transversal know-how in the electronics field in order to develop intelligent systems and solutions that contribute to the advancement of mobility, according to criteria relating to environmental sustainability, safety and quality of life onboard the vehicles



GE Oil & Gas is a world leader in advanced technology equipment and services for all segments of the oil and gas industry, from exploration and production to downstream. Totally committed to customer satisfaction, environment, health and safety, quality and integrity, the Group operates in more than 100 countries with 300,000 employees



Worldwide leader in integrated solutions for food and non-food flow-wrapping, Cavanna S.p.A. was the first company in Italy and among the first companies in Europe launching this kind of packaging onto the market. Today, Cavanna has installed over 5,000 full-line and single machines and has more than 900 customers around the world.



Comecer designs and manufactures high-technology systems in the field of nuclear medicine, isolation technology and nuclear power plant equipment.
Comecer products are known and used in hospitals, universities, research centers, pharmaceutical companies and large industrial groups worldwide.



SIAT S.p.A is world known as top-class machines manufacturer for secondary packaging and produces more than 17.000 machines per year since 1972. The company is in more than 100 countries all over the world and it is constantly investing worldwide to meet customer needs.

System Group


For more than 40 years, System’s core business has been designing automation for the ceramics industry. The know-how has then spilled over into the packaging, logistics, intra-logistics, and electronics sectors. Thanks to the important processes innovation introduced in the field of mechatronics, hundreds of patents are placed on the global market. System automation is strictly Made in Italy and inspired by clear principles: internationalization, production flexibility, eco-friendly supply chain, cutting-edge technology.



Fosber is a leading global supplier for the design, construction, and installation of complete lines as well as individual machine units for the production of corrugated board packaging. Originally founded in Lucca in 1978, through its Italian headquarters and strategically located subsidiaries in the USA and China, the Fosber Group today supplies complete corrugators as well as major machine upgrades across the globe with a total dedication to quality and customer service.



Established in 1964, Camozzi SPA, now leader of the Camozzi Group, has grown to become one of the main international companies operating in the field of pneumatic components for industrial automation. Currently, Camozzi is one of the leading companies in the sector with production facilities located in Italy, Russia, Ukraine, United States, and India. Furthermore, it boasts a strong global presence with 21 subsidiaries and a network of over 50 exclusive distributors that concretely satisfy the needs of each market by ensuring promptness and continuity of services from sale to assistance.

Fip Industriale


FIP INDUSTRIALE S.p.A works with state-of-the-art technologies within the civil engineering field, especially in the road and highway, railway, underground, civil and industrial buildings sectors, dams, oil platforms and port facilities, supplying high-quality products and services.

Curti Costruzioni Meccaniche


The company designs and manufactures packaging machines, wrapping and packaging, automatic machines for the manufacture of wiring and electrical cords, components and sub-assemblies for the aircraft industry, gasification, pyrolysis, and heat recovery.

Fom Industrie


With over 40 years experience in the sector of machines for cutting and machining aluminium and PVC, Fom Industrie is today the leading company of the FOM GROUP, offering products that include a wide range of automated plants and work centres for cutting and machining aluminium, PVC and light alloys, single and double-head sawing machines, machines and equipment for working and assembling aluminium and PVC window frames, as well as software for design, management and advanced services.

Graf Synergy


GRAF SYNERGY builds and distribute worldwide hight qualiy tools, machines and systems for the manufacture of PVC and Aluminium windows and doors.
The company meet the needs of many as our company produces thousands of pieces per day.

Della Toffola


With the experience gained in over fifty years of activity in the food, industrial and stainless steel processing, the company provides technology solutions dedicated to the production cycle and packaging of wines and other food products.



Sica is a globally renowned Italian producer of downstream equipment for plastic pipes: haul-offs, saws, belling machines, packaging machines, automation and ancillary equipment.



Benelli Armi S.p.A. is an Italian firearm manufacturer founded in 1967, located in Urbino, Italy, best Benelli is a constantly growing company thanks to major investments in research and development. Over the years, innovative new products and advanced technology have consolidated Benelli’s prestige and spread its reputation among hunters and target shooters alike, aided by the company’s strategy of offering a range of semiautomatic shotguns that is recognised as the widest available today. known for shotguns used by military, law enforcement and civilians all over the world.

Gucci Logistica


Gucci Logistica S.p.A is the operating company for the production: it designs and realizes components for leather goods, hand bags, and accessories of different types. Gucci was founded as a specialized leather company in Florence in 1921 and today it is one of the most famous luxury fashion houses in the world, covering a network of about 300 official stores all around the world



DAFRAM S.p.A., founded in 1956, was the first company to manufacture floating ball valves in Italy. The long experience gathered during more than 50 years of activity ensures DAFRAM is one of the most famous and competitive companies in the world. The manufacturing process is continuosly improved and changed using the most advanced manufacturing technologies such as: multi-function machining centres and several computer controlled lathes.

Di Quattro


Di Quattro is a qualified and reliable company designing, realizing and testing automatic machines characterized by high quality and technology standard based on specific directives requested by its clients, particularly for the packaging, medical, pharmaceutical, food and printing sectors.

CIP Manufacturing


Since 1963, CIP Manufacturing has produced high-strength steel and aluminum components for companies in North America and across the globe. CIP Manufacturing has a stronger reputation in custom high-strength steel manufacturing, welding, and fabrications.



3F Ingranaggi has over forty years of experience in the field of gears and gear transmissions. It produces gears ranges from cylindrical gears to bevel gears, from worm-wheel gear pairs to grinded racks and from splined shafts to complete gear sets.



CR has worked in the precision mechanics field on behalf of third parties for almost 50 years, under constant development both economically and technologically-wise. The aim of C.R. S.R.L. consist on customer satisfaction through a very wide service, on the one hand improving the machine tools and our manufacturing range, on the other, improving the internal organization, in order to offer ourselves as leading partners, able to plan, realize, and test mechanical components of high precision and complexity.



Since 1979, Abrigo S.p.A. is an international reference point for the automation applied to industry for food and non-food packaging lines and ultrasonic cutting. Abrigo pays attention to the peculiarities of each project, with strict control of each phase of implementation and long-term care with robotic solution, that are 100% Made in Italy and provide leading-edge performance



Italprogetti S.r.l. has been working in the mechanical engineering sector since 1991; it manufactures special machines, prototypes, parts of complex systems and precision metalwork (iron and stainless steel) on behalf of third parties. The company works exclusively on a commission basis, applying working methods able to accept, interpret and meet the strictest requests in terms of quality and reliability; it also implements projects with a high technical-constructive engagement, which are carried out within the fixed deadlines and according to the methods established in the supply agreements.



Bipres S.p.A. works in the field of mechanical technologies for 45 years. With their 4 plants are able to provide a wide range of mechanical services to third parties: cold sheet metal moulding, processing of steel for aesthetic, applications, structural steel works, installations and turning.



METAL G was founded in 2005 with the objective of developing a modern and viable offert in the construction of metal components adopting machinery and the latest production processes. In the following years in addition to the production of sheet metal components, it specializes in the machining of aluminum profiles and stainless steel and to provide a complete service. They extend their structure, installing a large industrial paint plant powder, thus making it more competitive the entire production cycle.

Meccanica Sbarzaglia


Meccanica Sbarzaglia is preferential partner of world famous companies that successfully operate in a variety of fields: ceramics, food, tobacco, formula 1, oil and off-shore, nautical, printing, packaging, access control and locking systems, medical, radioprotection devices, finishing and varnishing plants, automatic machinery, tool machines and milling systems, automatic loaders.



In.Co.M. S.r.l.performs iron and stainless steel manufacturing on the basis of commissioned orders, guaranteeing every phase of the process, from the raw material to the finished product. Through the processing of metal sheets and extrusions, the assembly work, the finishing, the sandblasting and the painting of iron items, the stainless steel and aluminum shot peening, the final assembly and the product testing.